WA Wool Museum

For those interested in shearing memorabilia … Alex Cant, a farmer in Western Australia has set up a wool museum – a collection of wool presses and shearing gear. The collection is mainly sourced locally, but a large number of items from around Australia. The museum is on Alex’s property at at Kojonup, roughly 300 kilometres south of Perth. A recent article in the The … Continue reading WA Wool Museum

Toxic fast fashion business model

Sigh. Overconsumption is the heart of the problem, as the excellent article from The Conversation shows: Fast Fashion Lies: will they really change their ways in a fashion crisis? Zara says it will move to using only sustainable textiles. I have come to learn that the term ‘Sustainable textiles’ is an oxymoron. Textile production is, and always has been, incredibly labour And resource intensive. The … Continue reading Toxic fast fashion business model

Elizabeth MacArthur

I spotted this at my local library, and couldn’t put it down. The book was published in 2018 – well researched and footnoted. It’s clear the author wanted to tell Elizabeth’s story, but it couldn’t help but be about John MacArthur – of all their correspondence, Elizabeth kept all Johns letters, but he kept none of hers. His voice dominates. It also couldn’t help but … Continue reading Elizabeth MacArthur

Milling around Castlemaine, Victoria

So, what do you do with an old woollen mill? How do you honour the past, and the people who worked in these mills, ? How do you give these often huge complexes of buildings a new lease of life? I recently spent a few days in Victoria which took me to three former mills – three different takes on adapting the mills to new … Continue reading Milling around Castlemaine, Victoria

Who’s my mob?

(Alert – a small bit of academic jargon, but just read through it 😉). My PhD supervisors tell me I need to find my tribe, where my work belongs. Where I belong. This week I attended the Australian History Association conference in Toowoomba. My paper was about belonging and globalisation. What happens to people’s sense of belonging in an industrial city like Ipswich, when it … Continue reading Who’s my mob?

Woollen Mill at Kedron – Bruce Pie Industries

A friend of mine alerted me to the existence of this woollen mill in Brisbane (from a National Trust newsletter). The woollen mill hadn’t shown up in my research (ah, the limitations of search terms!). I had come across some news clippings a while ago about proposals for a woollen mill in Brisbane in 1946. I poked around a little at the time, but assumed … Continue reading Woollen Mill at Kedron – Bruce Pie Industries